Brand’s secrets

The TaoTao brand is a journey in a land of culinary inspiration. The amazingly broad range of products was created for both those, who are passionate about cooking and discovering new, inspiring flavors, and for those, who are only beginning their culinary adventure alike. The TaoTao brand is owned by Tan-Viet International S.A., one of the biggest importers and distributors, and an indisputable leader on the oriental products market in Poland.

The early nineties in Poland were an era of great changes and new opportunities. Poland became open not only for economical changes, but also cultural, and culinary. The consumers regained the possibility of choice. What followed was an increase in exotic dishes, which were being served in developing asian bars and restaurants. Such places gained great popularity. The culinary tradition of the Far East, with its wealth of flavors and aromas, became very popular among Polish people.

During that time, the buyers from the Tan-Viet company, inspired by the attitude and demeanor of Mr. Tao Ngoc Tu – a Polish entrepreneur of Vietnamese descent, who connected the philosophy of the East and the West, set off on a journey to Asia in search of truly oriental flavors and aromas. They acquainted themselves with the local cuisine and the techniques used in preparing Asian dishes. They contacted manufacturers of culinary products based on original, traditional recipes in order to present the Polish customers with the highest quality and the best possible flavor.

The first TaoTao products were introduced to the Polish market in 1995 and were pioneers in categories such as oriental sauces, marinades, noodles, and culinary supplements. The brand’s slogan “Harmony of flavors” was found in the brand’s logo not without reason, but because of Far Eastern philosophy of feng shui, which affects the flavor and quality of dishes. Feng shui, as the essence of life, is invisible and intangible, but harmony and balance in the culinary arts allow for feelings of happiness and fulfillment. Thanks to its vast array of TaoTao products, you can acomplish a harmony of flavors, and cooking oriental dishes on your own has never before been easier and more accessible. Thanks to the soy and chilli sauces, rice noodles, Mung bean sprouts, Mun mushrooms, or sesame seed oil, and many other products under the TaoTao brand, everybody can create unique culinary compositions without having to leave the house. Aromatic, and full of true Asian flavor, TaoTao products, have not only given the customers more possibilities of experimenting and discovering the Asian cuisine, but also help diversify traditional polish dishes by giving them a new, unique character, and bringing out the expressiveness of flavor and aroma.

The TaoTao brand has been the undisputed leader in the oriental sauces and noodles market in Poland. It has received numerous awards, and has been recognized by the consumers as the best in the business. TaoTao products are synonymous with a harmony of flavors, high quality, and originality. At the moment, with growing consumer awareness, TaoTao products, especially the soy sauce made according to a traditional recipe, with a very high soy content (34%), or natural gluten-free rice noodles, are the consumer’s premier choice. They guarantee culinary satisfaction at an affordable price.

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