TaoTao Culinary Inspirations – a new edition

TaoTao Culinary Inspirations – a new edition

The TaoTao brand is a journey of culinary inspirations with a very rich tradition. Those who enjoy Asian flavours have valued our original recipes, the Far-Eastern origin of our products, and their overall quality for many years.

Following worldwide trends, the TaoTao brand has decided to present a new logo – one that draws on not only tradition, but also modernity and simplicity. New packages with refreshed graphics are going to be introduced to the market.

Ages-old recipes and original cooking methods are connected today with a modern look, new products, natural ingredients, as well as discovering new directions of growth, which should help keep the brand at the highest level, and further develop its portfolio in order to reach new customers.

Aromatic products full of true Asian flavor bearing the new TaoTao logo will not only create more possibilities of experimenting and discovering Asia in your own kitchen, but can also spice up traditional European dishes, lending them a new, distinct character.

We offer an extremely broad range of products – soy and chilli sauces, marinades, vegetables and fruit, rice and wheat noodles, as well as original snacks and culinary ingredients. All of this is created specifically for lovers of oriental cuisine who value quality and the origin of products which allow them to discover new flavours, or set out on their first culinary adventure.

TaoTao is based on the Far-Eastern philosophy of feng shui, which also applies to the kitchen. Harmony and balance in cooking are what allows us to enjoy tasting new dishes, as well as feeling joy and fulfillment. Thanks to its wide range of products, TaoTao will help you achieve a harmony of flavours, making the process of cooking dishes characteristic of oriental cuisine easy and enjoyable.

TaoTao is the undisputed leader on the oriental sauces and noodles market in Poland and has received numerous prestigious awards. Currently, with an ever-growing consumer awareness, TaoTao products, especially soy sauce made according to a traditional recipe with a very high soy content (34%), or naturally gluten-free rice noodles, are among the most frequently picked by consumers* and are a guarantee of culinary satisfaction – all while keeping an optimal price.

Tan-Viet International S.A., the largest importer and distributor of oriental goods in Poland, is the sole distributor of TaoTao products.

*data from Nielsen, Retail Trade Panel, oriental sauces and oriental noodles category, aggregate data II 14 – I 15

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